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Music Monday: All I Need

10 Jan

Happy Monday, Stylers! This song has been steadily climbing my play count ranks since Eliesa hooked me up with it a few weeks ago. It’s objectively fantastic.  The song “Let it Rock” was my absolute favorite for my entire freshman year, and this sample is awesome. If you want to get it, make sure you buy it on iTunes so you get the version that Kevin Rudolf actually sings on. Enjoy!


BYUStyle Girls


Music Monday: It’s not date rape if it’s Eggnog and Mistletoe…

20 Dec

This is my favorite non-hymn Christmas song. I love this. Especially the Zooey version – she’s my favorite. I replicated her hair (the dark with bangs) because I wanted to be her. But that’s neither here nor there. This is a great song. If anyone would like to sing a duet of this with me that’s my only Christmas wish.

Merry Christmas BYUStylers!!!! Have a great break!


BYUStyle Girls


The Rain(y) Music Monday

6 Dec

In honor of our overcast day (secretly my favorite weather), I picked one of my all time favorite songs. When I feel like my “Mr. Right Now” playlist is dull or lacking something, I almost always turn to this song. It’s upbeat, fun and colorful.

And all I ever want is to be that “kind of girl that makes you feel better; it don’t matter how you used to feel.”

Check out more about Calvin Harris here and follow him on Twitter.

Music Monday: Just What the Doctor Ordered

29 Nov

This song was the soundtrack of my November/December/January last year. So it’s a bit old. But so good. I really like the way he combines clever lyrics, dance and hip hop beats, and a nice dash of techno. I can’t get enough of him. {Also try Embers, Writer’s Block, Triple Tone Eyes and Mourning Morning.}

This is “Doctor Doctor” by Just Jack.

The Beautiful Girls

9 Nov

This band is a recent find for me. They are a little-known band from Australia, and their particular brand of rock is just my style.

I can’t stop listening to “I Thought About You” but I couldn’t find a cool video for it. This is my second favorite, “In Love.” Enjoy. 🙂

Music Monday – Loud and Fast

18 Oct

This is my first weekly Music Monday post! I’ve been geeking out about this. I basically begged Katie for the privilege of Music Monday posts. I love music and I love when people share music. Music Monday is an opportunity for me to tell you guys what I’ve been listening to and for you guys to tell me what YOU are listening to.

Lately, I can’t stop listening to the Fratellis. They are Scottish and AWESOME. They are great for working out, walking around on campus, and motivating yourself to do homework. “Baby Fratelli” and “Chelsea Dagger” have been featured on NBC’s fall show promos, and those are great. But…

Today’s song is “Mistress Mabel.”


xo xo

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