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From Her Street to Yours

15 Dec

I love looking at other girls’ outfits. Whenever I’m in a restaurant or at the mall or waiting in the airport, I am constantly looking around me and finding inspiration in other girls’ outfits. While this is fun it can be frustrating when you don’t know where they got it from. Of course you can ask where they got their gorgeous bag, or their fun shoes, but when you ask about the shoes, jacket, headband, belt, sweater, and jeans?  Maybe not the best idea.

On the Lucky Magazine website, they have a Street Style photo gallery. They have photos from all over the world: Paris, New York, Stockholm, everywhere. (Lucky Magazine is one of my favorites. It talks about style and fashion and beauty. And that’s it. None of that dramatic political, sex, celebrity junk—just the good stuff. ) Today I bring you one of the photos from Lucky Street Style and how to get it on your body—by shopping at Forever 21.

“Why Forever 21?” you may ask. It’s inexpensive. It’s huge. And it’s edgy. They may have a lot of ridiculous items, but you can find some awesome treasures there.

I chose this outfit because I think it’s classy and edgy. She stays classy with the animal print and the red jacket, but the cropped sleeves, the skinny pants, the boots, and the proportion take it a little closer to the edge. The items I found at Forever 21 match almost perfectly and you can get the whole outfit for less than $100. That may seem like a lot up front but think of all the ways you can remix each item!

All of these items are on the Forever 21 website and you can probably find most if not all of them in the store closest to you.


BYUStyle Guest Girl – Amanda

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