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Ciao Bella!

20 Oct

Ciao! I’m Eliesa and I am studying abroad in Italy this semester. When the BYU Style girls asked me to do a guest post from Italy, I’m sure they were thinking I had some great new styles to talk about and that I would be completely aghast at the lack of fashion sense Americans have compared to Italians. However, this is not that case. I honestly believe that lots of Americans, and especially students on BYU campus dress really well, and better than many Italians.

    Before coming to Italy I had a feeling I would just feel terribly frumpy every day compared to the way the people of Italy dressed. I have been following the blog “The Sartorialist” for the past couple months {thank you D for introducing me to that} and notice all the gorgeous fashion found on the streets of Italy. I expected to run into different, yet edgy, awesome style everywhere I turned. But no. What do I run into every day? Tennis shoes, lower than low-rise rise skinny jeans, awful-fitting shirts, and messy hair. What!? No! Where are the chic dresses? Where are the tailored blazers? Where is the glamorous red lipstick? Where are those divinely dressed Italian men?

    I realized pretty quickly that Italy was not a glamorously stylish as I had dreamed and I came to some realizations:

    1. Head to toe style is important.
    2. If you can’t wear it with confidence. Don’t wear it at all.
    3. Style does not have to be expensive.

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