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Leather Jackets

21 Oct

I have a confession. I love InStyle magazine and their website. I follow them on Twitter to get their little fashion tips and style must-haves. I loved their section about leather jackets. I think this trend is either a hit or miss. The styles vary so much such as cropped, boxy, tailored–along with the quality. So when choosing the right style of jacket for you, make sure the leather doesn’t look too much like plastic.

(P.S. We are not promoting the mini skirt in the following photograph, just the leather jackets.)

Because I am a poor, married, college student, I don’t have too much money to spend on clothes. But I was surprised when I found several at Forever 21 under $40 who’s quality looked far more supreme.









Have you seen any more leather jackets (or knockoffs) that are under $50? Send us your pics!