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Use your Head.

15 Oct

Several weeks ago, I posted a facebook status about hats. This status was triggered by my observation of ridiculous hats on campus, and was one of the reasons I began my #byustyle tweet campaign, which eventually led to the creation of this blog…. and here we are. Anyways. The post went something like this

“There’s like a 40% chance that a girl at BYU is wearing a hat correctly in terms of fashion.”

This post received multiple “likes” and comments within the first day. The most amusing sequence was the first two comments.

Person 1 – “32%”

Person 2 – “That’s pretty optimistic of both of you.”

I stand by my post and those comments. Yes, Danica approves this message. The fact is, girls, we’re generally just not doing it right. And when I say “we” I really mean “any of you on campus wearing hats.” Generally, its just not being done right.  I’ve seen berets, baseball hats, beanies, fedoras, newsboy caps, floppy hats, bucket hats (THE HORROR), and cloches. Sometimes they look cool. Sometimes I’m like “Ok. Nailed it. Good work.” But usually it’s just awful.  So lets establish some ground rules. Yeah?

How to Wear Hats

  1. Don’t. Simplest way to make sure you don’t screw it up.
  2. Never wear a bucket hat. Ever. I mean, do fishermen even wear them anymore?
  3. Stay away from complex styles. The more structured, the more complex. Stuff like fedoras, cloches (my personal favorite dressy hat, see fabulous Naomi Watts right), and pageboys can be worn successfully by people with fantastic style, but usually in a high fashion setting. They require an appropriate setting, analogous level of dressiness in the outfit (i.e. Not wearing a fedora with jeans and sneakers…), and making it look effortless. I’m pretty sure most of us can’t do this. And especially not on campus. So just stay away from these unless you can compare your outfit realistically to a celebrity or a magazine ad.
  4. Ask yourself – Why am I wearing this hat? Is it because it’s snowing outside? Then it should be a hat that facilitates that purpose – a beanie perhaps. Didn’t do your hair? Shame on you. But that’s ok. Baseball cap it up. But please make sure it matches the outfit (sweats, jeans. Casual attire). If it’s for fashion….. sigh. You MUST MUST MUST ask yourself if it’s necessary. I’m sure it isn’t. But if you can find some sort of internet corroboration for your choice, go for it.
  5. Don’t just throw on a hat. Check it against your outfit, shoes, hair and makeup. Your look should always be complete. Trust me. You’ll look better.

I suppose a word should be said about these infectious items:

Knitted headbands. You know these. You’ve seen these EVERYWHERE. Perhaps you’ve even thought to yourself: “Everyone’s wearing these. I gotta get myself one so I look cool with my hair all smooshed up in the back where I can’t see it.” {Guess I’m already giving away my secret opinion of these accessories.} I don’t think I can win the battle against these. They’re EVERYWHERE. Stupid Tai Pan. Why’d you do this to us? I won’t say they’re awful. In fact, Katie had one long before the Utah craze set in and she wore hers appropriately. The problem came with everyone wearing them everywhere, everyday, in awful colors, with huge obnoxious flowers on them. Katie stopped wearing hers because they got so kitsch. If you have one, be careful how/when you wear it. If you have the courage, throw it out. If you don’t have one, don’t buy one. Please.

On a more positive note, my favorite hat right now is the hobo floppy beanie. In my opinion, it needs to be worn with hair down and some body and volume, so curled or natural wave. I pin my bangs back and fasten the front top part of the hat right on top of the pin, then pull the sides of the hat down behind my ears to cover the back of my head, allowing hair to fall around my face. I like this look a lot.

Any ideas for chic hat style? Have you seen good/bad hat style on campus? Let us know!

xo xo

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