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The Best Holiday EVER

20 Oct

Halloween is MY FAVORITE. I LOVE it.  Who wouldn’t? You get to dress up as anything you want, get tons of candy, watch scary movies, and go to great parties. But if I don’t get a caramel apple soon I may lose my mind. The last two Halloweens have been great.  And, as you can see, tastefully scandalous.

I have a bagful of costumes in my car right now.  They may include but are not limited to: angel, devil (costume repeat), pirate, Greek goddess (costume repeat), medieval princess and Lady Gaga. I’m also in the market for a Princess Leia costume. If everything pans out, I will get to wear all of them. Katie is in the market for a Halloween costume so if you have suggestions for her, check out her latest blog post. What about you guys? What Halloween costumes are YOU looking at? When in doubt, listen to the Mean Girls guru:

In all seriousness…. don’t dress like a slut. It’s fun to party and I’m all for costumes that you wouldn’t necessarily wear to church, but if your costume consists of underwear and a superhero cape, you are sending a specific message. And that message is “I’m a mess.”

When you pick a costume, GO ALL THE WAY. Head to toe. Spray color your hair. Color contacts. Jewelery, accessories, makeup. Look online for ideas and then go for it. Be someone else for a night. Express your real style through a costume that makes you feel invincible. Do some internet research. YouTube is FULL of Halloween stuff right now. Check out this cool video and look for others you can use in your quest for Halloween glory. Then send us some pics of your stylish costume!

xo xo BYU Style Girls