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Campus Fashion Police

8 Dec

If you read our about us page, you know that we were inspired by the hit TV show Gossip Girl. We wanted this to be a sounding board for everything chic, a focus group for the fashion-minded, and of course, a police force for perpetrators of style crime.

We’ve been slowly building a network of interested and like-minded friends and fans, which has been great. {We encourage you to continue referring us to your interested friends.} Lately, we’ve been receiving the exact kind of reaction and traffic that we’ve been looking for. We appreciate comments and ideas on the blog here, and we REALLY appreciate the Twitter traffic. In the past few weeks we’ve gotten tweets reporting ridiculous style on campus, and our favorites are the picture evidences {just like Gossip Girl!!!!}. Here are the latest terrors.

[[Note: We do not know who these people are, and this is not intended as any personal attack on them. Please no identification of these individuals. Maybe just buy them a more stylish present for Christmas?]]

This one is from the ever stylish Tom Nance (follow him on Twitter), spotted in the HBLL. You know how I feel about knit headbands.

Our friend Jessica Farrell (follow her on Twitter) notified us of this fantastic number. I owe her. I now no longer have to explain why I hate knit headbands. I can just show them this.

Our latest photo incrimination is horrifying. Kristin Lybbert (Follow her on Twitter) saw someone wearing these. Croc slippers. I refused to believe they existed. Turns out. They do. And it’s literally called their “Fuzz Collection.”

Thank you all for your contributions! Keep the good and bad style coming! For those of you not using Twitter, this is reason enough to start.


BYUStyle Girls


Spotted in the JFSB

18 Oct

Crocs. Under no circumstance are these okay to wear in public. Actually, I can think of one. If you’re on a really shelly beach and need some type of shoe to protect your feet. Oh wait, that’s why we have flip flops. So, no, I was right the first time. Under no circumstance are Crocs acceptable.

Now, I don’t want to hurt your feelings if you own them. Because I actually have heard that they are just so comfortable and once you try them you can’t go back.

Okay, if you are one of the ones who can’t go back, just try not to wear them everywhere you go. I can’t imagine how those must start smelling…

If you must use them for health reasons (?) or something like that, get them in a neutral or dark color. It will really make a difference.