Music Monday: All I Need

10 Jan

Happy Monday, Stylers! This song has been steadily climbing my play count ranks since Eliesa hooked me up with it a few weeks ago. It’s objectively fantastic.  The song “Let it Rock” was my absolute favorite for my entire freshman year, and this sample is awesome. If you want to get it, make sure you buy it on iTunes so you get the version that Kevin Rudolf actually sings on. Enjoy!


BYUStyle Girls


Follow Friday: Awkward and Awesome

7 Jan

Happy Friday everyone! We hope your first week was successful and refreshing. We have lots of great ideas for the new year and new fashion! (Our New Year’s Fashion Resolutions are coming soon…. promise.)

One of our best friends Eliesa led me to this blog, the subject of our Follow Friday. Husband and Wife, Tyson and Sydney write The Daybook, much to our satisfaction. Our post is going to follow the Awkward and Awesome format, but check out all the other posts, because they’re great. Fantastic style. We endorse it fully.

Now for OUR take on Awkward and Awesome….


  • White socks with Black leggings in Brigham Square
  • BYU Jerusalem T-shirts on the first day of class
  • Pajamas, also the first day of class.
  • Wearing stylish boots, but falling in them. We all know we do it and pretend that we don’t.


  • Knee-high gray leather boots (my most recent purchase, haven’t fallen in them YET)
  • Floppy beanies worn appropriately
  • Boys in skinny ties
  • Chunky knit sweaters and skinny jeans
  • The Daybook!


Thanks to Syd for the great inspiration! Follow her on Twitter!!!


BYUStyle Girls

Gimme Gimme Gimme

31 Dec

Tell BYU Style why YOU deserve/covet/yearn for
Clinique’s All About Eyes Concealer.

Leave a comment with your stories and thoughts for a chance to win our first giveaway here on BYU Style.

Only the best will win.

You have till January 14th.


I’ve got my eye on you.

31 Dec

Hey, guys! I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas break and getting excited for the new year!

I thought I would share a makeup tip/personal story with you all since you are probably getting all glammed and glittered for the evening.

A few months ago, my hubby, bless his heart, asked how I had gotten a black eye. He sincerely looked worried and was only trying to be a concerned husband. But I’m an emotional woman, so clearly I got offended.

(I didn’t have a black eye.)

I eventually got over it and took his question as a word of advice instead.

Problem: It’s winter. I’m pale. I’m anemic. I’m a student.

Solution: More sleep. More water. And if all else fails, because usually it all does, Clinique’s All About Eyes Concealer.

Okay, I know it’s a bit on the pricy side. But I swear by this concealer. I buy all of my makeup at the grocery store. I wait until my Almay brand goes on sale and then stock up. But this concealer far surpasses any concealer I’ve ever used. Think of it as an… investment? Yes. An investment in your beauty and well-being? A stretch, maybe. But I do love love this stuff. It really livens and lightens up my eyes. Plus, bonus: I haven’t had any black eye concerns since I’ve started using the product.

Go to Macy’s now. Pick up some for tonight so you look great wherever you are on this New Years Eve!

Can’t wait to see you all soon next week on campus, adorned in your new clothes and showing me the newest trends!


xo xo



Music Monday: Soundtrack to My Life

27 Dec

This album has been on repeat for me the past week or two. Something about Joshua Radin’s songs makes me feel like they were written about my life. The New Year is rapidly approaching, so I’ve been giving some serious thought to what my resolutions should be {yes, I’m one of those who LOVES making New Years Resolutions}. “We Are Only Getting Better” makes me feel like my life is a movie, and this is the song playing in the background. The video is not great, so here are the lyrics. Enjoy!

Say, we’ll run away, when things get better, better than today
Blind leading blind, never knowing, what we find 

Where are we going, who are we now?
Let’s decide.

This time you’ve got to make up your mind,
This life you’re living.

This time you’ve got to make up your mind,
This life’s worth living.

Get up, we’ve got a way’s to go

We are only getting better
Where we were, that doesn’t matter

Lately, everything is hazy, but I know what’s true
Lately, everyone seems crazy, but I believe in you

Stay posted for our New Years Fashion Resolutions!


BYUStyle Girls

Music Monday: It’s not date rape if it’s Eggnog and Mistletoe…

20 Dec

This is my favorite non-hymn Christmas song. I love this. Especially the Zooey version – she’s my favorite. I replicated her hair (the dark with bangs) because I wanted to be her. But that’s neither here nor there. This is a great song. If anyone would like to sing a duet of this with me that’s my only Christmas wish.

Merry Christmas BYUStylers!!!! Have a great break!


BYUStyle Girls


Modesty’s the Best Policy

17 Dec

Well, here’s another pet peeve of mine. It’s a particular style that I do not like, I’m sorry if you disagree. But I know Danica agrees, so that’s enough for me to post about it.

Strappy heals.

There are so many other beautiful pairs of shoes out there. The wedge, the pump, the peep toe. But the strappy heal? It’s like a time machine back to 9th grade’s homecoming dance.

Yeah, I know… but yours are cute…. Or yours just work well with a certain outfit.

The shoe itself may be cute. I can believe that. But I personally do not believe they are the shoes for you. And I will tell you why.

Strappy heals show all of your toes. No one really ever wants to see all ten of them just hanging out. If we’re at the beach, that’s one thing. But to church, to a party, especially in the winter, it’s just not appropriate.

You say you want to show off your fresh pedicure? No problem. That’s why peep toes were made. They show enough but not too much. But please, say no to strappy and cover your toes.

Follow Friday: Kendi Everyday

17 Dec

I think I’ve linked to this blog once, but I wanted to make an official Follow Friday post dedicated to the blog Kendi Everyday. Her style is impeccable. She posts about the outfits she wears everyday, created by her “emotions, circumstances, and conditions of the day.”

I’m impressed and you should be too. Start by following her blog!

Tough as Nails

16 Dec

I’m loving all of these nail colors. What are your favorites for the Christmas season?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. I just found this awesome little product that apparently works miracles and keeps your nails chip-free! Looks like a great stocking stuffer idea to me!

Worth it?

16 Dec

I purchased these boots while I was in Italy at “Bata” because I really needed a pair. I was getting so sick of my vans.

I saw them. I loved them. I bought them. 70 euro. But it was worth it to me because I honestly loved them… THEN I found out that they are also sold at Famous Footwear… Lame. Was I a little upset? Absolutely, but I got over it because I still loved them. {especially that red zipper detail on the back, c’mon, that’s cool, right?}

Anyhow, the awful weather, gravel paths, and cobblestone streets totally THRASHED these boots. There was a huge hole in the bottom of them.   I was sad, but figured they had lived a good life and I would just find a new pair of boots.

Then my sister told me I should just get them resoled. I had never even heard of this idea. I took them in to Modern Shoe Repair on Center Street and they said it would cost 50 dollars to get them resoled and put a new heel on… OR I could buy the same pair again, new, for 80 dollars, OR I could just buy a totally new pair of boots. A dilemma. I hate making decisions like this.

I thought about it for 2 days and finally decided to get the original pair of boots resoled. Why? Because I love them and it was the cheapest option. Then I decided, if you love something, it makes sense to get it repaired ESPECIALLY a staple item like a great pair of boots, a classic pencil skirt, or a perfect wool coat. Get the boots resoled, fix that seam, sew on those buttons. It’s worth it.

xo xo