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It’s the good advice that you just can’t take.

27 Jan

I apologize that all I do on this blog is complain. But there are so many styles that annoy me when they are worn incorrectly.

This includes grunge. I’m all about shopping at thrift stores, being comfortable, and looking like a hipster.

Well, I’m not all about it, but I believe some people can pull it off.

Some people can’t.

And I’ll tell you why.

  1. They try to dress like someone they’re not.
  2. They try to match other people’s styles and fail.
  3. They go too far with the idea.

If I can take this one step further, and I will, my word of advice for you is:

Don’t find your style. Let your style find you. This goes for all fashion styles. When you try too hard, it shows. So just let the look come naturally and don’t overdue it.

xo xo



Let’s Get Down to Business

24 Jan

To start off this post, I want to tell you all how disappointed I am in each one of you. We had a giveaway for some awesome eye concealer and the number of participants was (get ready for it)… below one. You all missed out. And be warned, if I spot you on campus with dark and puffy eyes, I might have to write a “frightful” post about you.

Okay, I probably won’t do such a thing because I can talk the talk but not always walk the walk. But I sure hope next time we have a giveaway, you’re a part of it. It’s easy. It’s free. And it’ll boost your style and confidence.

Next order of business on this Sunday evening is about shoes. Not my shoes. Not your shoes (assuming that you’re a girl). But your crush’s/ boyfriend’s/ husband’s/ lover’s shoes.

Today at church and this week on campus, I have seen a suspicious and horrifying amount of unpleasant shoes. This includes white chunky sneakers and pretend dress shoes that have a twist of gym shoes to them. You know what I’m talking about, the ones that are brown leather but then have a tennis shoe bottom and shoe strings.

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It’s time to take action and tell your significant other that there is much more out there for them. Take them to Macy’s. Take them to Shoe Carnival. Take them to D.I. I really couldn’t care less–just get them something else to wear.

It’s your responsibility. I’m counting on you. Please and thank you.

xo xo




Poorly Dressed Chart

13 Jan

Modesty’s the Best Policy

17 Dec

Well, here’s another pet peeve of mine. It’s a particular style that I do not like, I’m sorry if you disagree. But I know Danica agrees, so that’s enough for me to post about it.

Strappy heals.

There are so many other beautiful pairs of shoes out there. The wedge, the pump, the peep toe. But the strappy heal? It’s like a time machine back to 9th grade’s homecoming dance.

Yeah, I know… but yours are cute…. Or yours just work well with a certain outfit.

The shoe itself may be cute. I can believe that. But I personally do not believe they are the shoes for you. And I will tell you why.

Strappy heals show all of your toes. No one really ever wants to see all ten of them just hanging out. If we’re at the beach, that’s one thing. But to church, to a party, especially in the winter, it’s just not appropriate.

You say you want to show off your fresh pedicure? No problem. That’s why peep toes were made. They show enough but not too much. But please, say no to strappy and cover your toes.

Pet Peeve

9 Dec

Usually, when I write about a pet peeve, I offend someone. But I have another one. So, I apologize if you wear the following and and are put off by the post. I don’t really have great reasoning, more than that it just bugs me and doesn’t make sense to me.

So here it goes.

When it is Winter, December 9th to be exact, I do not believe that flip flops are acceptable. Ever. I don’t care if it reaches 45 degrees today. They’re not appropriate. Christmas is around the corner, and probably so is the next snow storm. Don’t wear them. Please.

Now if you want to break my rule. Then do it. Just promise me one thing. If you end up wearing flip flops on campus, do not wear them with a heavy knit, wool sweater. That, my friend, does not make sense to me at all. If you honestly think it is warm enough to wear flip flops (which, personally, I believe those old navy ones were meant for the beach and should only be worn there, but that’s another discussion), then why are you wearing a heavy sweater?

xo xo

BYU Style

Campus Fashion Police

8 Dec

If you read our about us page, you know that we were inspired by the hit TV show Gossip Girl. We wanted this to be a sounding board for everything chic, a focus group for the fashion-minded, and of course, a police force for perpetrators of style crime.

We’ve been slowly building a network of interested and like-minded friends and fans, which has been great. {We encourage you to continue referring us to your interested friends.} Lately, we’ve been receiving the exact kind of reaction and traffic that we’ve been looking for. We appreciate comments and ideas on the blog here, and we REALLY appreciate the Twitter traffic. In the past few weeks we’ve gotten tweets reporting ridiculous style on campus, and our favorites are the picture evidences {just like Gossip Girl!!!!}. Here are the latest terrors.

[[Note: We do not know who these people are, and this is not intended as any personal attack on them. Please no identification of these individuals. Maybe just buy them a more stylish present for Christmas?]]

This one is from the ever stylish Tom Nance (follow him on Twitter), spotted in the HBLL. You know how I feel about knit headbands.

Our friend Jessica Farrell (follow her on Twitter) notified us of this fantastic number. I owe her. I now no longer have to explain why I hate knit headbands. I can just show them this.

Our latest photo incrimination is horrifying. Kristin Lybbert (Follow her on Twitter) saw someone wearing these. Croc slippers. I refused to believe they existed. Turns out. They do. And it’s literally called their “Fuzz Collection.”

Thank you all for your contributions! Keep the good and bad style coming! For those of you not using Twitter, this is reason enough to start.


BYUStyle Girls

Ghetto or Glamorous?

3 Dec

I painted my nails gold last night. I thought it would be festive. They’ve been red for quite a while and so I wanted to switch it up.

But as I’ve been looking at them today, I’m getting a little self-conscious. They look kind of ghetto, if you know what I mean… And the gold clashes with my silver ring (although it’s okay to mix metallic colors now).

Should I go back to my traditional ruby red for Christmas? What are some other “holiday” colors that are acceptable? What about silver? Is that too middle-school?

Spotted in Brigham Square: Puffy Vest

2 Dec

I don’t get puffy/winter vests (the jacket kind). I never have. I don’t get why someone would want to wear a coat without sleeves in the cold, blustery air. Some might say, “Well, I wear a fleece under it, so my arms are warm.”

Then, why not just wear a regular coat?

I bought a vest once. For the fall/winter season. It was on sale at Lacoste, I think that’s really the only reason I bought it. I just wanted to own a legit Lacoste article of clothing. But I have worn it twice. Twice in two and a half years. I can never find something to wear underneath the winter vest jacket. It’s always too hot to wear with just a long sleeve T in the fall and too cold in the winter. There’s never a time it works.

They just aren’t practical.

Thoughts? Am I wrong?

P.S. In my opinion, Marty McFly is the only one who can rock the sweater vest.

Go Bananas

10 Nov

I need to share something that has been on my mind lately:

Wearing Pajamas to Class

It’s cold, you’re tired, you want to feel comfortable. I get it.

But how hard is it to just throw on some comfortable jeans and a hoodie instead of your PINK sweatpants tucked into your Uggs? You don’t even have to shower, sometimes there are days when showering seems like the worst idea ever. But just put some decent clothes on, please! (If you’re going to the library late at night, that’s another story.)

What REALLY bothers me is when someone wears their pajamas to class but somehow managed to do their hair and makeup. Really? That doesn’t add up to me. Why don’t you just seal the deal by wearing your hair down when you go to the gym… that will really push me over the edge.

So, to summarize: If you’re deciding whether or not to wear pajamas to class, don’t do it.
Decision made.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition

8 Nov

I don’t know how much clearer I can make this.

“Leggings are fine. Leggings are good. But leggings ARE NOT PANTS. This means that leggings should only ever be worn with long tops – and when we say “long” we mean “if it doesn’t cover your butt, even if you bend over and touch your toes, it’s too short.” – The Fashion Police.

Check out the Fashion Police website. They are addressing the frightening new trend: Tights as Leggings. Also wrong, also horrifying.

Get it together, people. If it’s cold outside, logic tells me that you should be putting more clothing on, not wearing less. Right?

Can I get an Amen?