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29 Jan

We wish we could say we’ve moved to the Upper East Side,

but this is pretty dang close.

Check out the new page:


Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest

26 Jan

Loretta Young.

If you don’t know who she is, google her.

Loretta is a symbol even today for “beauty, serenity, and grace.” Her glamour and stardom did not stop at the surface. She was also known to be dedicated to her faith and family (not to mention, anyone romantically involved with Clark Gable goes down in my book of awesome).

Through elegance, Loretta’s exquisite style encompassed her.

My favorite quote from Loretta is,

Fashion should not be expected to serve in the stead of courage or character.

All we talk about is style on this site. The newest boots. The best nail polish. But you might as well throw all of those away without a respectable character.

You are not stylish if you wear timeless Seychelles but act moronic on your on your Friday night date.

You are not a fashionista if you’re rocking black skinny jeans but are senseless when it comes to what you post on Facebook.

It’s not just about the trends. That is second when it comes to style. First, it’s about disposition.

Simply said, don’t act like an idiot.

{Danica’s Sidebar}

I got this directly from a Hallmark Card. Well, that’s a lie. But it does sound cliched enough to be on one.


When you know who you are and love it, it impacts every sphere of your life. Find out who you are, who you want to be, and then use style, fashion, what-have-you, to create that. But in the end, Katie’s right. Fashion is nothing without character.


BYUStyle Girls

Karly’s Closet…

25 Jan

Hey BYU fashionista’s.

I am excited and honored to be working with the brilliant and beautiful writers of BYU style.

I was born and raised in a relatively small town. I’ll never forget the day Old Navy showed up. I thought we had made it to the big leagues.

Needless to say shopping always required some creativity by my stylin’ Mom. My husband tells me I am turning into her. And I couldn’t be more flattered.

So, today my BYU Style tip comes straight from the mouth of my Mother.

My freshman year at BYU I was bombarded by brands. The only “true religion” I knew of was the one I practiced and I often wondered if “ed hardy” was the up and coming rock band or a cigarette company.

Feeling awkward that I didn’t own a pair of designer jeans I headed home for the Christmas break with high hopes of returning to my dorm room–arms full of brand name clothing.

I’ll never forget standing in TJ Maxx with my tattoo looking shirt in hand and hearing my Mom say…

“I just have one question. If that name wasn’t on the shirt–would you think it was cute?”

Suddenly I realized I was about to by a hideous shirt simply because of the logo. It wasn’t even remotely flattering or cute.

Since that day I have made a conscious effort to ask myself, “If this (insert brand name of clothing or accessory here) was hanging in Wal-Mart would I think it was cute?”

You will never believe what you will discover.

Suddenly bags with letters all over them simply become just that.

Bags with letters. What makes them cute? The brand or the design?

Look for unique items that people will wonder where did she get that or how much did it cost?

Be creative.

After all fashion isn’t about picking what someone else designed for you it’s about designing for yourself.

Posted by Karly Barker from The Married Life

{Belated} New Years Resolutions – Fashion Edition

20 Jan

Here we are, over halfway through January, and I have yet to post the promised Fashion Resolutions I came up with. I’m a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I love fresh starts, lists and improving stuff. If nothing else, it reminds me that there are always things that can be better, right?

Fashion is no exception.

New year. New me. Better style.

  1. Color. This is probably my biggest goal. Those of you who know me know that black is a staple for me.  I’ll never let that go. But I am going to make a concerted effort to buy and wear more color. I did some shopping over the weekend and ended up with quite a bit of black, but some gray, cream and navy. Neutrals. Baby steps.
  2. Be interesting. I tend to gravitate toward simplicity. Monochromatic schemes, solids rather than patterns, plain instead of ruffled, everything safe. I’d much rather be simple and boring, looking formal and clean, than try to layer something, try something new, or put together a unique outfit. I have a great closet, but it’s really not flexing its muscles at the moment. I want to put together entirely new outfits. Resist repeating. Utilize inspiration. Layer. Actually wear my pounds and pounds of jewelery that largely go unused. Just be more interesting in general. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.
  3. Develop a Working Closet. What do I mean? Check out Kendi Everyday’s Four Step Plan for the whole process, but it essentially means I grow up. I am going out into the world, teaching and acting like an adult, so I guess its time I start dressing like one. I just need more sophisticated style overall.
  • Clean House. I get rid of all the stupid graphic t-shirts I’ve been hanging on to (goodbye Sleeping Beauty tee), skirts that don’t fit, sweaters that are falling apart.
  • Inventory. I assess what I have and what I need. I’m excited to say I have some great shopping to do {black pencil skirt, nude heels, belts and a perfect white tee}, and it’ll be nice to go with something in mind, rather than blowing all my money at Gap and Forever XXI on random stuff I fall in love with. I’ll also keep a “want” list. Of course.
  • Storage. I will organize. I need this desperately. Hello Ikea organizers!
  • SHOP, SHOP, SHOP. I don’t need telling twice. I can’t wait to hit the Nordstrom rack, the mall and H&M.

Those are my resolutions. Maybe I should be held accountable for them come December. Remind me.

If you guys have any fashion resolutions, let’s hear them!


BYUStyle Girls

Follow Friday: Awkward and Awesome

7 Jan

Happy Friday everyone! We hope your first week was successful and refreshing. We have lots of great ideas for the new year and new fashion! (Our New Year’s Fashion Resolutions are coming soon…. promise.)

One of our best friends Eliesa led me to this blog, the subject of our Follow Friday. Husband and Wife, Tyson and Sydney write The Daybook, much to our satisfaction. Our post is going to follow the Awkward and Awesome format, but check out all the other posts, because they’re great. Fantastic style. We endorse it fully.

Now for OUR take on Awkward and Awesome….


  • White socks with Black leggings in Brigham Square
  • BYU Jerusalem T-shirts on the first day of class
  • Pajamas, also the first day of class.
  • Wearing stylish boots, but falling in them. We all know we do it and pretend that we don’t.


  • Knee-high gray leather boots (my most recent purchase, haven’t fallen in them YET)
  • Floppy beanies worn appropriately
  • Boys in skinny ties
  • Chunky knit sweaters and skinny jeans
  • The Daybook!


Thanks to Syd for the great inspiration! Follow her on Twitter!!!


BYUStyle Girls

I’ve got my eye on you.

31 Dec

Hey, guys! I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas break and getting excited for the new year!

I thought I would share a makeup tip/personal story with you all since you are probably getting all glammed and glittered for the evening.

A few months ago, my hubby, bless his heart, asked how I had gotten a black eye. He sincerely looked worried and was only trying to be a concerned husband. But I’m an emotional woman, so clearly I got offended.

(I didn’t have a black eye.)

I eventually got over it and took his question as a word of advice instead.

Problem: It’s winter. I’m pale. I’m anemic. I’m a student.

Solution: More sleep. More water. And if all else fails, because usually it all does, Clinique’s All About Eyes Concealer.

Okay, I know it’s a bit on the pricy side. But I swear by this concealer. I buy all of my makeup at the grocery store. I wait until my Almay brand goes on sale and then stock up. But this concealer far surpasses any concealer I’ve ever used. Think of it as an… investment? Yes. An investment in your beauty and well-being? A stretch, maybe. But I do love love this stuff. It really livens and lightens up my eyes. Plus, bonus: I haven’t had any black eye concerns since I’ve started using the product.

Go to Macy’s now. Pick up some for tonight so you look great wherever you are on this New Years Eve!

Can’t wait to see you all soon next week on campus, adorned in your new clothes and showing me the newest trends!


xo xo



Follow Friday: Kendi Everyday

17 Dec

I think I’ve linked to this blog once, but I wanted to make an official Follow Friday post dedicated to the blog Kendi Everyday. Her style is impeccable. She posts about the outfits she wears everyday, created by her “emotions, circumstances, and conditions of the day.”

I’m impressed and you should be too. Start by following her blog!

Tough as Nails

16 Dec

I’m loving all of these nail colors. What are your favorites for the Christmas season?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. I just found this awesome little product that apparently works miracles and keeps your nails chip-free! Looks like a great stocking stuffer idea to me!

Worth it?

16 Dec

I purchased these boots while I was in Italy at “Bata” because I really needed a pair. I was getting so sick of my vans.

I saw them. I loved them. I bought them. 70 euro. But it was worth it to me because I honestly loved them… THEN I found out that they are also sold at Famous Footwear… Lame. Was I a little upset? Absolutely, but I got over it because I still loved them. {especially that red zipper detail on the back, c’mon, that’s cool, right?}

Anyhow, the awful weather, gravel paths, and cobblestone streets totally THRASHED these boots. There was a huge hole in the bottom of them.   I was sad, but figured they had lived a good life and I would just find a new pair of boots.

Then my sister told me I should just get them resoled. I had never even heard of this idea. I took them in to Modern Shoe Repair on Center Street and they said it would cost 50 dollars to get them resoled and put a new heel on… OR I could buy the same pair again, new, for 80 dollars, OR I could just buy a totally new pair of boots. A dilemma. I hate making decisions like this.

I thought about it for 2 days and finally decided to get the original pair of boots resoled. Why? Because I love them and it was the cheapest option. Then I decided, if you love something, it makes sense to get it repaired ESPECIALLY a staple item like a great pair of boots, a classic pencil skirt, or a perfect wool coat. Get the boots resoled, fix that seam, sew on those buttons. It’s worth it.

xo xo


From Her Street to Yours

15 Dec

I love looking at other girls’ outfits. Whenever I’m in a restaurant or at the mall or waiting in the airport, I am constantly looking around me and finding inspiration in other girls’ outfits. While this is fun it can be frustrating when you don’t know where they got it from. Of course you can ask where they got their gorgeous bag, or their fun shoes, but when you ask about the shoes, jacket, headband, belt, sweater, and jeans?  Maybe not the best idea.

On the Lucky Magazine website, they have a Street Style photo gallery. They have photos from all over the world: Paris, New York, Stockholm, everywhere. (Lucky Magazine is one of my favorites. It talks about style and fashion and beauty. And that’s it. None of that dramatic political, sex, celebrity junk—just the good stuff. ) Today I bring you one of the photos from Lucky Street Style and how to get it on your body—by shopping at Forever 21.

“Why Forever 21?” you may ask. It’s inexpensive. It’s huge. And it’s edgy. They may have a lot of ridiculous items, but you can find some awesome treasures there.

I chose this outfit because I think it’s classy and edgy. She stays classy with the animal print and the red jacket, but the cropped sleeves, the skinny pants, the boots, and the proportion take it a little closer to the edge. The items I found at Forever 21 match almost perfectly and you can get the whole outfit for less than $100. That may seem like a lot up front but think of all the ways you can remix each item!

All of these items are on the Forever 21 website and you can probably find most if not all of them in the store closest to you.


BYUStyle Guest Girl – Amanda

{Check out Amanda at her blog and Twitter.}