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Best Stressed

13 Dec

When I was a junior in high school, I signed up to take the ACT. I was given plenty of advice – from what kinds of pencils to use to how many hours of sleep to get the night before. But one bit of advice was entirely unprecedented and has stuck with me all these years.

“Dress up.” – Jill

“Uh. What?” – Danica

“No. Really. Dress up. Wear cute clothes, do your makeup and curl your hair.” – Jill

“Jill. I wear my softball sweats 70% of the time. What makes you think waking up early on a Saturday morning to go take a test would reverse that trend?”- Danica

{Sidebar} I was into fashion, but was ultimately concerned with softball and class during high school, hence sweats were an easy, logical choice. Don’t worry. I’ve seen the error of my ways, repented and moved on. Forgive and forget, please, BYUStyle fans.

“I’m serious! If you feel like you look attractive and awesome, you will be way more confident and you’ll do better. Promise.” – Jill

Well. I still wore sweats. BUT. It rang true. And I really liked the idea. I’ll admit, when I have to hike through the snow, or climb out of bed while it’s still dark to take a final I’ll generally resort to sweats or yoga pants {unless I have to work. Thanks to the LAO, I am usually dressed in real clothes for work}. But if possible, I like to put together an outfit and get ready so I feel awake and confident.

We’ve had several posts and tweets about finals style. We really aren’t in a position to judge people wearing sweats for studying or  pajamas for exam prep. But I LOVED seeing some great formal style on campus last week for all the presentations people were giving. We looked pretty sharp, people.

So here is our Challenger. Dress up. Take your finals fashion to the next level. Send us a picture of your chic finals attire and let us know if you felt more confident, aced your essay and dominated that scantron.

Best of luck!


BYUStyle Girls



18 Oct

We are going to play a game on here once a week or so called Challenger. The purpose is to get a lot of feedback from our readers and to have our readers prove us wrong in our beliefs and opinions.

This week, we challenge YOU to show us a picture of you looking cute in galoshes/rain boots.

We do have to say that many galoshes/rain boots look adorable in the store with all of those patterns. But when added to an ensemble, they usually are a recipe for disaster.

Think we’re wrong? Please send us your pictures through Twitter or email us at