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25 Jan

Hey BYU fashionista’s.

I am excited and honored to be working with the brilliant and beautiful writers of BYU style.

I was born and raised in a relatively small town. I’ll never forget the day Old Navy showed up. I thought we had made it to the big leagues.

Needless to say shopping always required some creativity by my stylin’ Mom. My husband tells me I am turning into her. And I couldn’t be more flattered.

So, today my BYU Style tip comes straight from the mouth of my Mother.

My freshman year at BYU I was bombarded by brands. The only “true religion” I knew of was the one I practiced and I often wondered if “ed hardy” was the up and coming rock band or a cigarette company.

Feeling awkward that I didn’t own a pair of designer jeans I headed home for the Christmas break with high hopes of returning to my dorm room–arms full of brand name clothing.

I’ll never forget standing in TJ Maxx with my tattoo looking shirt in hand and hearing my Mom say…

“I just have one question. If that name wasn’t on the shirt–would you think it was cute?”

Suddenly I realized I was about to by a hideous shirt simply because of the logo. It wasn’t even remotely flattering or cute.

Since that day I have made a conscious effort to ask myself, “If this (insert brand name of clothing or accessory here) was hanging in Wal-Mart would I think it was cute?”

You will never believe what you will discover.

Suddenly bags with letters all over them simply become just that.

Bags with letters. What makes them cute? The brand or the design?

Look for unique items that people will wonder where did she get that or how much did it cost?

Be creative.

After all fashion isn’t about picking what someone else designed for you it’s about designing for yourself.

Posted by Karly Barker from The Married Life