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Follow Friday: Smile! You’re on Candid Campus!

28 Jan

This Follow Friday we’re keeping it close to home. Real close.

YFashionDaily is a photo blog that captures good, modest style on campus (filtered through the Honor Code Office, of course…). Hopefully some of our BYUStylistas have been captured by the lucky fashion camera.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You guys may remember that we wanted to include people from campus as much as possible on our blog. We have tried, but have not quite reached the level of follower involvement that we’d like. We would love to follow the example of YFashionDaily and share more snapshots from and of our followers.

This is a call for photographers and aspiring fashionistas. Send us your pics! Of you, your roommates, the good and bad style sitting around you in American Heritage, anything! We can’t wait to see what you have to share.


BYUStyle Girls


{Belated} New Years Resolutions – Fashion Edition

20 Jan

Here we are, over halfway through January, and I have yet to post the promised Fashion Resolutions I came up with. I’m a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I love fresh starts, lists and improving stuff. If nothing else, it reminds me that there are always things that can be better, right?

Fashion is no exception.

New year. New me. Better style.

  1. Color. This is probably my biggest goal. Those of you who know me know that black is a staple for me.  I’ll never let that go. But I am going to make a concerted effort to buy and wear more color. I did some shopping over the weekend and ended up with quite a bit of black, but some gray, cream and navy. Neutrals. Baby steps.
  2. Be interesting. I tend to gravitate toward simplicity. Monochromatic schemes, solids rather than patterns, plain instead of ruffled, everything safe. I’d much rather be simple and boring, looking formal and clean, than try to layer something, try something new, or put together a unique outfit. I have a great closet, but it’s really not flexing its muscles at the moment. I want to put together entirely new outfits. Resist repeating. Utilize inspiration. Layer. Actually wear my pounds and pounds of jewelery that largely go unused. Just be more interesting in general. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.
  3. Develop a Working Closet. What do I mean? Check out Kendi Everyday’s Four Step Plan for the whole process, but it essentially means I grow up. I am going out into the world, teaching and acting like an adult, so I guess its time I start dressing like one. I just need more sophisticated style overall.
  • Clean House. I get rid of all the stupid graphic t-shirts I’ve been hanging on to (goodbye Sleeping Beauty tee), skirts that don’t fit, sweaters that are falling apart.
  • Inventory. I assess what I have and what I need. I’m excited to say I have some great shopping to do {black pencil skirt, nude heels, belts and a perfect white tee}, and it’ll be nice to go with something in mind, rather than blowing all my money at Gap and Forever XXI on random stuff I fall in love with. I’ll also keep a “want” list. Of course.
  • Storage. I will organize. I need this desperately. Hello Ikea organizers!
  • SHOP, SHOP, SHOP. I don’t need telling twice. I can’t wait to hit the Nordstrom rack, the mall and H&M.

Those are my resolutions. Maybe I should be held accountable for them come December. Remind me.

If you guys have any fashion resolutions, let’s hear them!


BYUStyle Girls

Music Monday: All I Need

10 Jan

Happy Monday, Stylers! This song has been steadily climbing my play count ranks since Eliesa hooked me up with it a few weeks ago. It’s objectively fantastic.  The song “Let it Rock” was my absolute favorite for my entire freshman year, and this sample is awesome. If you want to get it, make sure you buy it on iTunes so you get the version that Kevin Rudolf actually sings on. Enjoy!


BYUStyle Girls

Follow Friday: Awkward and Awesome

7 Jan

Happy Friday everyone! We hope your first week was successful and refreshing. We have lots of great ideas for the new year and new fashion! (Our New Year’s Fashion Resolutions are coming soon…. promise.)

One of our best friends Eliesa led me to this blog, the subject of our Follow Friday. Husband and Wife, Tyson and Sydney write The Daybook, much to our satisfaction. Our post is going to follow the Awkward and Awesome format, but check out all the other posts, because they’re great. Fantastic style. We endorse it fully.

Now for OUR take on Awkward and Awesome….


  • White socks with Black leggings in Brigham Square
  • BYU Jerusalem T-shirts on the first day of class
  • Pajamas, also the first day of class.
  • Wearing stylish boots, but falling in them. We all know we do it and pretend that we don’t.


  • Knee-high gray leather boots (my most recent purchase, haven’t fallen in them YET)
  • Floppy beanies worn appropriately
  • Boys in skinny ties
  • Chunky knit sweaters and skinny jeans
  • The Daybook!


Thanks to Syd for the great inspiration! Follow her on Twitter!!!


BYUStyle Girls

Music Monday: Soundtrack to My Life

27 Dec

This album has been on repeat for me the past week or two. Something about Joshua Radin’s songs makes me feel like they were written about my life. The New Year is rapidly approaching, so I’ve been giving some serious thought to what my resolutions should be {yes, I’m one of those who LOVES making New Years Resolutions}. “We Are Only Getting Better” makes me feel like my life is a movie, and this is the song playing in the background. The video is not great, so here are the lyrics. Enjoy!

Say, we’ll run away, when things get better, better than today
Blind leading blind, never knowing, what we find 

Where are we going, who are we now?
Let’s decide.

This time you’ve got to make up your mind,
This life you’re living.

This time you’ve got to make up your mind,
This life’s worth living.

Get up, we’ve got a way’s to go

We are only getting better
Where we were, that doesn’t matter

Lately, everything is hazy, but I know what’s true
Lately, everyone seems crazy, but I believe in you

Stay posted for our New Years Fashion Resolutions!


BYUStyle Girls

Music Monday: It’s not date rape if it’s Eggnog and Mistletoe…

20 Dec

This is my favorite non-hymn Christmas song. I love this. Especially the Zooey version – she’s my favorite. I replicated her hair (the dark with bangs) because I wanted to be her. But that’s neither here nor there. This is a great song. If anyone would like to sing a duet of this with me that’s my only Christmas wish.

Merry Christmas BYUStylers!!!! Have a great break!


BYUStyle Girls


Best Stressed

13 Dec

When I was a junior in high school, I signed up to take the ACT. I was given plenty of advice – from what kinds of pencils to use to how many hours of sleep to get the night before. But one bit of advice was entirely unprecedented and has stuck with me all these years.

“Dress up.” – Jill

“Uh. What?” – Danica

“No. Really. Dress up. Wear cute clothes, do your makeup and curl your hair.” – Jill

“Jill. I wear my softball sweats 70% of the time. What makes you think waking up early on a Saturday morning to go take a test would reverse that trend?”- Danica

{Sidebar} I was into fashion, but was ultimately concerned with softball and class during high school, hence sweats were an easy, logical choice. Don’t worry. I’ve seen the error of my ways, repented and moved on. Forgive and forget, please, BYUStyle fans.

“I’m serious! If you feel like you look attractive and awesome, you will be way more confident and you’ll do better. Promise.” – Jill

Well. I still wore sweats. BUT. It rang true. And I really liked the idea. I’ll admit, when I have to hike through the snow, or climb out of bed while it’s still dark to take a final I’ll generally resort to sweats or yoga pants {unless I have to work. Thanks to the LAO, I am usually dressed in real clothes for work}. But if possible, I like to put together an outfit and get ready so I feel awake and confident.

We’ve had several posts and tweets about finals style. We really aren’t in a position to judge people wearing sweats for studying or  pajamas for exam prep. But I LOVED seeing some great formal style on campus last week for all the presentations people were giving. We looked pretty sharp, people.

So here is our Challenger. Dress up. Take your finals fashion to the next level. Send us a picture of your chic finals attire and let us know if you felt more confident, aced your essay and dominated that scantron.

Best of luck!


BYUStyle Girls

Campus Fashion Police

8 Dec

If you read our about us page, you know that we were inspired by the hit TV show Gossip Girl. We wanted this to be a sounding board for everything chic, a focus group for the fashion-minded, and of course, a police force for perpetrators of style crime.

We’ve been slowly building a network of interested and like-minded friends and fans, which has been great. {We encourage you to continue referring us to your interested friends.} Lately, we’ve been receiving the exact kind of reaction and traffic that we’ve been looking for. We appreciate comments and ideas on the blog here, and we REALLY appreciate the Twitter traffic. In the past few weeks we’ve gotten tweets reporting ridiculous style on campus, and our favorites are the picture evidences {just like Gossip Girl!!!!}. Here are the latest terrors.

[[Note: We do not know who these people are, and this is not intended as any personal attack on them. Please no identification of these individuals. Maybe just buy them a more stylish present for Christmas?]]

This one is from the ever stylish Tom Nance (follow him on Twitter), spotted in the HBLL. You know how I feel about knit headbands.

Our friend Jessica Farrell (follow her on Twitter) notified us of this fantastic number. I owe her. I now no longer have to explain why I hate knit headbands. I can just show them this.

Our latest photo incrimination is horrifying. Kristin Lybbert (Follow her on Twitter) saw someone wearing these. Croc slippers. I refused to believe they existed. Turns out. They do. And it’s literally called their “Fuzz Collection.”

Thank you all for your contributions! Keep the good and bad style coming! For those of you not using Twitter, this is reason enough to start.


BYUStyle Girls

The Rain(y) Music Monday

6 Dec

In honor of our overcast day (secretly my favorite weather), I picked one of my all time favorite songs. When I feel like my “Mr. Right Now” playlist is dull or lacking something, I almost always turn to this song. It’s upbeat, fun and colorful.

And all I ever want is to be that “kind of girl that makes you feel better; it don’t matter how you used to feel.”

Check out more about Calvin Harris here and follow him on Twitter.

Music Monday: Just What the Doctor Ordered

29 Nov

This song was the soundtrack of my November/December/January last year. So it’s a bit old. But so good. I really like the way he combines clever lyrics, dance and hip hop beats, and a nice dash of techno. I can’t get enough of him. {Also try Embers, Writer’s Block, Triple Tone Eyes and Mourning Morning.}

This is “Doctor Doctor” by Just Jack.