The Idea

So there we were one afternoon, two seniors at BYU with an affinity for Blair Waldorf, a love of blogging and a passion for all things chic. Katie mentioned to me that she loved my new tweet campaign regarding the style on campus. I invited her to join me, naturally. Instead, she had a brilliant idea –

“What if we did this like Gossip Girl?”

Well, what if? What if we created a twitter campaign about good and bad style on BYU campus? What if we created a blog as an outlet for our philosophy of style? What if it was just like Gossip Girl {but instead of cat fights and coveting, it was  campus catwalks and Cougar couture}? What if we did that?

We did.

The Girls


Black and dressy clothing. Burberry, Chanel and D&G. Addicted to movies and popcorn {weird fetish with zombie movies, Hannibal and Star Trek}. Book lover. Music guru. Softball/Baseball fan {tomboy at heart}. Inside jokes. Diet Dr. Pepper. Mormon. Loud and happy. Family Office nights. Mexican food. Staying up late. Sleeping in. Blonde…then Brunette…now Blonde again.

And trust me…. Blondes DO have more fun.

{More about me here.}


Classy and cute. Skinny jeans, oversized shirts, and retro heals. Family. Baby Mama (the movie, not me). Social Media guru. Winter coats. Baking & Cooking. Senior and nervous of my future. Kentuckian at heart. Purses. Newlywed. The Office and Pushing Daisies. Diet Coke. Founder of Seinfeld Club. Blogging enthusiast.


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