Winter Solutions

27 Jan

I tried to look up a poem for this post about all the bad things winter brings, but all I found was “big and bright” and “full of sun.”

First of all, where are these people living? And second, why don’t I live there?

So instead, here is a poem I’ve written. It is titled Winter.

W is for Wet snow ruining your leather boots.
I is for Ice–perfect for falling.
N is for Nothing will cure your dry skin.
T is for Tame my static hair, please!
E is for Expecting heartache and gloom.
R is for Really hate going out in the cold.

Cheer up, Charlie Brown, because if this describes your January, I’ve got the solutions to kick out your winter blues:
W–Remember to weatherproof your boots every few weeks with protectant. You can get it at Walmart for way cheap and it will help your boots last for more than one season.
I–Plan out your outfits accordingly so you wear the right shoes to school. I have certain boots that I cannot wear when it is icy because they have no traction. However sad and depressing that may be, look at it as an opportunity to buy new boots, switch up your closet, or resole your shoes.
N–My hands crack and bleed during the winter. The only way I can heal them is with a touch of neosporin (the gel not the cream) and a whole lot of petroleum jelly at night. Rub it into all the cracks and then either wear gloves to bed (I can never do that) or wash your hands with a mild soap right after. Do that daily and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.
T–This may sound weird, but carry a dryer sheet with you in your purse and run it through your hair when it gets static-y. By the end of the day, your hair gets a little oily, but it’s the price you have to pay for normal hair in the winter.
E–More people are depressed during the winter months than any other time of the year, so make sure you eat healthy and go to the gym, as well as take care of yourself mentally and spiritually, so you don’t get gloomy and glum.
R–Lastly, I’ve found that if I wear knee length socks under my skinny jeans, I feel so much warmer. Don’t forget mittens. And don’t be embarrassed to wear a hood. In elementary school it was nerdy, but hoods/hats are appropriate for the winter if worn correctly.

Hope these tips help! If you have any additional suggestions and cures for common winter symptoms, let us know and we’ll post about it!

xo xo



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