Music Monday: Soundtrack to My Life

27 Dec

This album has been on repeat for me the past week or two. Something about Joshua Radin’s songs makes me feel like they were written about my life. The New Year is rapidly approaching, so I’ve been giving some serious thought to what my resolutions should be {yes, I’m one of those who LOVES making New Years Resolutions}. “We Are Only Getting Better” makes me feel like my life is a movie, and this is the song playing in the background. The video is not great, so here are the lyrics. Enjoy!

Say, we’ll run away, when things get better, better than today
Blind leading blind, never knowing, what we find 

Where are we going, who are we now?
Let’s decide.

This time you’ve got to make up your mind,
This life you’re living.

This time you’ve got to make up your mind,
This life’s worth living.

Get up, we’ve got a way’s to go

We are only getting better
Where we were, that doesn’t matter

Lately, everything is hazy, but I know what’s true
Lately, everyone seems crazy, but I believe in you

Stay posted for our New Years Fashion Resolutions!


BYUStyle Girls


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