Worth it?

16 Dec

I purchased these boots while I was in Italy at “Bata” because I really needed a pair. I was getting so sick of my vans.

I saw them. I loved them. I bought them. 70 euro. But it was worth it to me because I honestly loved them… THEN I found out that they are also sold at Famous Footwear… Lame. Was I a little upset? Absolutely, but I got over it because I still loved them. {especially that red zipper detail on the back, c’mon, that’s cool, right?}

Anyhow, the awful weather, gravel paths, and cobblestone streets totally THRASHED these boots. There was a huge hole in the bottom of them.   I was sad, but figured they had lived a good life and I would just find a new pair of boots.

Then my sister told me I should just get them resoled. I had never even heard of this idea. I took them in to Modern Shoe Repair on Center Street and they said it would cost 50 dollars to get them resoled and put a new heel on… OR I could buy the same pair again, new, for 80 dollars, OR I could just buy a totally new pair of boots. A dilemma. I hate making decisions like this.

I thought about it for 2 days and finally decided to get the original pair of boots resoled. Why? Because I love them and it was the cheapest option. Then I decided, if you love something, it makes sense to get it repaired ESPECIALLY a staple item like a great pair of boots, a classic pencil skirt, or a perfect wool coat. Get the boots resoled, fix that seam, sew on those buttons. It’s worth it.

xo xo



One Response to “Worth it?”

  1. Kate C December 16, 2010 at 10:16 pm #

    Seriously?! I JUST got a pair of boots that I got in Mongolia resoled about 3 weeks ago (and got new heels) and it was only $14. Joe’s Shoe repair, right next to Smith’s. By the way, choosing to get them repaired vs. buying new ones is definitely the best option….but I would have shopped around first before making the plunge. Sorry! (P.S. There’s also another shoe repair shop just south of Joe’s, by the laser tag place across from RC Willey.)

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