Go Bananas

10 Nov

I need to share something that has been on my mind lately:

Wearing Pajamas to Class

It’s cold, you’re tired, you want to feel comfortable. I get it.

But how hard is it to just throw on some comfortable jeans and a hoodie instead of your PINK sweatpants tucked into your Uggs? You don’t even have to shower, sometimes there are days when showering seems like the worst idea ever. But just put some decent clothes on, please! (If you’re going to the library late at night, that’s another story.)

What REALLY bothers me is when someone wears their pajamas to class but somehow managed to do their hair and makeup. Really? That doesn’t add up to me. Why don’t you just seal the deal by wearing your hair down when you go to the gym… that will really push me over the edge.

So, to summarize: If you’re deciding whether or not to wear pajamas to class, don’t do it.
Decision made.


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