Ciao Bella!

20 Oct

Ciao! I’m Eliesa and I am studying abroad in Italy this semester. When the BYU Style girls asked me to do a guest post from Italy, I’m sure they were thinking I had some great new styles to talk about and that I would be completely aghast at the lack of fashion sense Americans have compared to Italians. However, this is not that case. I honestly believe that lots of Americans, and especially students on BYU campus dress really well, and better than many Italians.

    Before coming to Italy I had a feeling I would just feel terribly frumpy every day compared to the way the people of Italy dressed. I have been following the blog “The Sartorialist” for the past couple months {thank you D for introducing me to that} and notice all the gorgeous fashion found on the streets of Italy. I expected to run into different, yet edgy, awesome style everywhere I turned. But no. What do I run into every day? Tennis shoes, lower than low-rise rise skinny jeans, awful-fitting shirts, and messy hair. What!? No! Where are the chic dresses? Where are the tailored blazers? Where is the glamorous red lipstick? Where are those divinely dressed Italian men?

    I realized pretty quickly that Italy was not a glamorously stylish as I had dreamed and I came to some realizations:

    1. Head to toe style is important.
    2. If you can’t wear it with confidence. Don’t wear it at all.
    3. Style does not have to be expensive.

      1. If you have a beautiful new sweater, with a classy pair of dark jeans and couple it with tennis shoes, it pretty much kills outfit. Since being in Italy I have realized the importance of creating a whole look. You don’t have to look like a god or goddess when you walk out the door every day, but one should look put- together. A lot of Italian style on the street would be greatly improved if they had done something with their locks and found a better choice of footwear to compliment their outfit. {Seriously, take a curling or straightener to your head. Or even more simple, just a simple brush. I’m a BIG believer in workin’ the hair.} So I suppose I have noticed more the importance of head AND toe style.
      2. I am a firm believer in this one. Short and sweet: No look is ever classy if it’s not worn with confidence.
      3. Many of the main streets in Italy are designer central. Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Armani… basically some of the best window shopping a girl could ask for. As we pass all the windows I often fall head-over-heels in love with some of the beautiful clothing and handbags, but then I cringe when I see how many euros one would have to drop to get their hands on one of those pretty little purses. Luckily I discovered the joys of thrifting, vintage stores, and finding deals back in high school. In my opinion, no needs spend tons of money to be in “fashion”. You don’t need a huge wardrobe. One can very easily have a style that is all their own. Branch out from the “All-Store” look. If you assess your outfit and find that 80% of it is from one store…it’s probably time a branch out. Mix and match styles, accessories, and basics to create a look that is all your own.
        More posts from Italia to come! 


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